PT PP Properti Tbk

We design a corporate website that functions as a company profile and a source of information for investors, based on the brand guidelines.
Overview :

PT PP Properti Tbk is the leading developer in Indonesia with a diverse portfolio of housing, apartments, retail and commercial property sectors. To help PP Properti showcases its company profile and share their project updates as well as stock information for investors, we have developed a website from the design concept to program development. As a result, the design of PP Properti’s website is a combination between modern and corporate style and navigated with a friendly user experience.

Brand : PP Properti Client : PT. PP Properti Tbk. Creative Director : Ritchie Ned Hansel UX Designer : Billie Rizgan Technical Director : Goenawan Adi Programmer : Goenawan Adi Account Executive : Sesario Rahmansyah Copywriter : Mahda Maria